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Universal Angelic Readings

Below are the messages I have channeled from the angels and other light beings. Enjoy. 

"My message for the world is to not look at the past. A new world is emerging, embrace it. It will be a better place than before. Change is difficult but necessary. Love and be loved. Seek peace, joy, and know you are loved. I Am Raziel. May God's love, peace, and joy be with you forever. Amen, Amen, Amen." 5/11/20

"My friend, tell the world they are not alone in this time where panic and fear are ruling the day. My friend, God did not create this virus to annihilate mankind. Mankind is made up of His essence: Why would he destroy Himself? You are God and everyone is God. This has been distorted and misunderstood. Through the time of mankind, some will reject this, some will embrace this because they are starting to awaken to the truth of their original state. God's peace and love sustain you, your loved ones, friends and all you encounter. I Am Zerachiel. Goodnight, Amen, Amen, Amen." 3/10/2020

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