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Whether you're drawn to a divine message from the angels,
interested in a relaxing reiki sessionor a beautiful psychic medium reading
I'm here for you. 
Scribe Readings

You may be wondering what a scribe reading is. In these readings, I channel first-person letters from God, Jesus, the Angels, and Ascended Masters. I can also channel your spirit guides. 

Many of them have been waiting for you to communicate with them. Through these readings, you're able to do just that. 

Reiki Treatment

In simple terms, Reiki is a Japanese healing art. It is a great way to keep your energy body aligned and flowing freely. 

When things happen on the mental and emotional levels, they can manifest themselves into the physical, sometimes even causing chronic pain or fatigue.

Psychic Medium Readings​

Psychic medium readings allow you the opportunity to connect with passed loved one. Sometimes it's about that last conversation that you never got. 

Our beloved wants us to know that they are okay on the other side. Some people are surprised to know just how often they visit with and watch over them. 

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